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Friday, December 11, 2009

My First Photoshoot

I have always been a show off in my own way. I love to please and I take direction well. What a good bottom I am! I have always suspected I would make a good model, but I'm short and trans and that is not exactly model material for the "real world". Now I'm doing it in my own perverted way.

I discovered that even though it might seem easy to have someone take pictures of you, it is not. I have to know what my face is doing at all times and I have to have total control of my body. I have to be totally present and see myself in my mind's eye. It is kind of like an out of body experience when I model, since I am relaxed and yet looking at myself from the outside.

I got my start by working at A co-worker and friend of mine, Ana Devia needed some hot photos to broaden her portfolio. She's professional but new to the business. I had been waiting for another co-worker, Jackie Strano (star of Hard Love and co-owner of S.I.R. Productions), to give me the heads-up on a new production she needed some performers for and I was really hankering for my porn-life to begin.
Since I am a playful and dapper faun-goat-boy-creature I had to wear my fur and horns for my first shoot. I also wanted to roll around in the grass so we went to Golden Gate Park in San Francisco.
I started out wearing my shirt because I was still a little self conscious of my puffy nipples. I'm a trans guy and I can't speak for all of my kind but I don't care anymore about how "big" my chest is, every body has them and I think we as humans need to just get over how big or small everyone is. Anyway, I ended up taking off my shirt and that is when I loosened up and I felt more myself. I thought of sex and rainbows and dancing and fucking and flowers and unicorns and pixies and trees and sex and fur and beautiful smells and... did I mention sex?

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