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Friday, October 1, 2010

"I Was a Creep For Queer Porn TV and I Loved IT!"

Oh Juliette, you are sweeter than a rose. I was called in by the ladies at Queer Porn TV and asked if I would shoot with Juliette March. She was only in town for an other few days and she requested me! I feel so special! She is one hot Kink model and I had seen her before because I browz the Kink site a bit. I also felt a little nervous because I am not that experienced as a top. We talked on the ride over and I felt more confident because she is outrageously inspiring on screen and in person.

It was getting late and we were loosing light and I was anxious to begin....

I had brought my trade mark cock, the Goodfella, and tucked it in my tight jeans with the Commando Harness.
I do get a bit ahead of myself when it comes to planning a scene because I really love plots in porn... yeah, I know, I'm a nerd. Actually I just really love 70's porn and they all have great plots. I wanted to abduct her all Dexter style with a syringe and all, take her to my van and wrap her up with plastic with a nice little bow. We had planned on having the scene take place in my van but there was a major issue with bad lighting. So we made-do with roof... there's always the roof. So many of Courtney's shoots are on this very roof, it is a famous piece of property because of her.
I surprised myself with how violent I got with the tender little Juliette, but she wanted it. I really get off on seeing someone so hot get so turned on by what I do to them. I started the scene out very creepy and I said things that would make Freddy Krueger (Mwah ha ha ha) smile. I thought of all the fucked up things that should never happen to someone and I acted on as many of them as I physically could in minutes with tact and wide-eyed consent. I made her squeal and drool and writhe and squirm and cum with with antici.....pation with every sweaty inch of my scheming body. But next time will be so much better because I will have practice under my belt, and that's not all that's under my belt...

More to cum..... you know you want more....