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Thursday, February 10, 2011

AlphaFemmes at CineKink 2011 NYC!

AlphaFemmes is going to be featured at Cinekink, during the "AfterGlow" party!

Click here to see the line up sneak peek.

Click here , or on the photo, and you can watch the trailer and get perfectly teased and titillated tell you are begging for more.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Queer Porn TV Interview

At the beginning of the interview you might notice I seem a little... we'll just say flighty with a dash of rudeness. Let me explain: I had just ate a big helping of vigorous and intense sex with some bdsm on top after working a normal work day at my day job. I have energy like a goat on caffeine, but seriously there was no resting. I don't top much so it was a supper fun yet very challenging for me mentally and physically. Let's see you try to answer big mind bending questions about the world after fucking for 5 hours! Oh, that might sound rude again, I just got a teency weency bit defensive because I watched myself be all goofy on the World Wide Web.

I want to make myself very clear right now: I want to represent trannies, gender varient, polyamourous, and pansexual people yet I do not claim to speak for all my fellow queers, I just speak for Puck. (Yes, I sorta' just wrote in third-person, damn it.) My opinions and beliefs are my own, so please do not think this is how every person that you think is like me thinks or acts. Like I say in the interview "I don't like to be judged", so please don't judge someone else based on Puck Goodfellow. I'm a tranny queer but I am not EVERY tranny queer.