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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Original Plumbing # 7, the Green Issue!

I have all "original plumbing" so that makes me the greenest of "green"! Not only am I a real-live faun of the forest but I AM original from top to bottom! Allow me to explain: I have had no top surgery and I have all original bottom bits, no hysterectomy or phaloplasty dickoplasticy whatchamacallity. Don't get me wrong, I don't have a problem with other people getting surgery, I just don't want it for myself. Even though I love needles and knives... hot... I don't want surgery because I want to be who I am no matter what people think gender needs to look like. I take testosterone because I love how it makes me feel, not because it gives me hair and muscles. Although the feeling I get from my development of physical stamina and muscle mass is oh so yummy. I believe I need to be in love with myself so that I can truly be in love with others. I don't take the typical amount of testosterone that doctors recommend because I have enough of my own and I don't want be on massive amounts of roids. I don't like the amount of waste that goes into surgery and shooting T, all the plastic and bio-hazards and shit is not biodegradable. I don't believe any medical or surgical or pharmaceutical things are actually sustainable. I know that many people might argue with me about this, this is just my opinion. I look at it this way: If I was a Lost Boy out in the wild raised by wolves would I have plastic and needles and prescriptions to get all my testosterone all up in me? No, I would just be a boy, no matter what outsiders thought I was. That's how I live my life; I AM a Lost Boy who has happened to have found himself.

All that to say that's why I'm perfect for Original Plumbing the Green Issue, the all trans guy soft-core porno mag. (It kind of like Butt Mag.) I posed for the #7 the "Green" Issue and it's available to order now!

P.S. The photo of me was taken by Anna Devia. I was taken in my first photoshoot ever! I don't have any pictures of me from OP yet. You will just have to order a copy to see!!!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Fluid 3!!! OMG LOST FOOTAGE!!!

I was lucky to perform in the latest Fluid!!!

Fluid is the porno "...Redefining Sexuality" series directed by Madison Young. Fluid: Women Redefining Sexuality, Fluid 2: Men Redefining Sexuality, and then Fluid 3:...Redefining Sexuality! I don't know what sexuality I will be redefining. Personally I don't like definitions. I mean I know they are useful so we can understand each other but some times I feel boxed in by words... I will go into this later, let's just talk about my working it.
We worked all day! I love working with Juliette and James, I have done them separately before, and now we're all together like a hot sandwich! I picked up James in my van and then we picked up and sucked down some coffee , trying not to spill on his white jeans but failing because I don't have any cup holders in my van. On the way we saw some pissed guy chasing a dude with a shovel, I felt bad that I thought it was funny. No one was hurt physically but dude's pride was probly servilely damaged. So needless to say the trip there was entertaining.
James and I met Juliette on the street and we flowed into Madison's house giggling and smooching because it's San Francisco and everyone in the bay area queer community porn scene seems to already have fucked, been in porn together, or knows someone who dose, it's kind of a rule I guess. It's like the game Six Degrees of Separation. We're just sexually radical like that.
Pregnant Madison answered the door smiling that shinning school-girl smile of hers and directed us up stairs. We start out with the usually paperwork but some documentary people from HBO were filming Madison for a project, so I guess I might be on HBO too because they filmed along side Madison all day. I am a strong believer in any publicity is good publicity (Yes, I have changed my mind about Lady Gaga's Born This Way song. I will go into that later too.) and if you like my naked ass all over the internet what's the difference of it being all over TV too.
I got to fuck on a cliff over-looking the ocean, HA HA!!! Damn that was fun. I'm a faun and it just feels better to be in nature, I feel more myself. Juliette and her punky ways knew this place like the back of her hand, I was impressed. (I hope I made an impression on her too.) She lead us through a tiny, probably illegal, trail in the Sutro Baths Park area in San Francisco.
We shot the next scene in my van on the street across from Dolores Park! People walking by, some suspecting and some oblivious to the hot and wild sex in the van that WAS A' ROCK'N. I devirginized my Vicskin Outlaw on Juliette and used my mastered hand on James's cock. Damn that was a work out! They should make that an exercise at a gym: Thrusting hard with the all those fucking abdominal muscles while thrusting hard with my rippling arm muscles! I am a beef-cup-cake, not to be confused with a beef-cake, so I know a work out when I feel one!
We walked across the street all dazed and high on sex to the Dolores Park girls bathroom. Me and James are innocent looking but we are still bad boys. Just seeing a nasty toilet that thousands of ladies have pissed on gives us boners. Tasting our sweat while smelling the piss and dirt we jacked off and came together. I love being a dog! While we were coming there were these drunk girls that needed to get in to pee and it was fucking funny how pissed they were. I think they saw us from the crack in the window and got confused.
After I took everyone home in my minibus I went home and slept like a rock because I worked more than eight hours fucking in the sun and in tight quarters while loosing Fluid times 3! I hope people realize that although it is fun work it is still hard and risky work to be in porn. I do not get paid like main-stream porn actors do yet I have come up with amazing ideas and pulled 9 hour days for the sake of activism and people like you. But don't get me wrong, I love working for you.

P.S. I've decided from now on I am going to write blogs all the way through because I have so many unfinished blog entries that I don't feel like finishing. So that should make the day of the person who is becoming more and more annoyed by my lack of writing skills and bad cliff-hangers. May be I would care more if I knew more than two and a half people were actually reading this. Whatever, I guess it's worth it to keep you as a fan, even if you are the only one.
P.S.S. I love you, my one little fan you.