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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Topping Juliette

I love fucking Juliette. I also love watching this over and over and over and cumming on myself. I guess a faun can be tough AND tender!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Spider Puck

I am Mr. Spontaneous and I teamed forces with Ms. Flash! Anna Devia is the first photographer to shoot me. She broke my model cherry! I love her work. She made me look like I am hundreds of feet in the air with comic book flare!
What do you think? I am taking suggestions: What do you want to see me in? What do you want to see me doing? I love making your wishes come true! I am a super hero of porn.

Saturday, September 3, 2011


I believe that we all deserve the right to get paid for the things we are passionate about doing. Entertainment, performers, artists, we all deserve to get paid for our work for the time we put in.

Are people tired of burlesque? Are people tired of porn? Are people not buying queer porn? When I settle for a low price for anything I do I feel like I am disrespecting myself. Someone who has less skill and experience should not get paid the same or more than a person who has years experience and skill or tallent. I am feeling angry because I, and other performers, put a lot of work into performance yet I am not paid for the amount of time I put into a project. I feel sad because I want this to be sustainable I am close to being burnt out. In order for me to get what I believe to be a fair wage for my performance EVERYONE in the scene or industry would need to raise their price, yet those who have just begun and do not wish to put time into their work should stay at the same wage until they have some experience under their belt. I wish everyone in the queer porn scene or industry and burlesque scene or industry would document their hours, investment, school, experience, efforts, time, skill level, and so on each project. I wish people would do this because I feel afraid that we are being taken advantage of. How many times have you gone to a show and seen someone perform and you were blown away and inspired and how much did you pay to get in the door? How many times have you gone to a show and paid more than $10 for a show that you were disappointed by? Do you think that the performers need to get paid for their effort or their skill, or just their willingness to be vulnerable in front of an audience? Do you think things in your head like, "Oh, that's easy, I could do that." "Anyone can take off their clothes, why would they need to get paid for that?" If you are asking yourself this then why are YOU NOT on the stage too?

My dream is that every performer who has been performing for more than a year or even just 90 days gives them self a raise. I'm serious, let's do it all together. . Our time, sewing, sweat, dancing in front of mirrors, and hard work is valuable. Please let's get paid for the time and energy and skill and money we have put into a project. How many people do you know that would work at a job for free? Would you work at your job for free just because you were passionate about it?
Like it or not we live in a capitalist society. I do not want to buy into capitalism but I want to support myself with the things I love to do and the work I am passionate about. I don't want to work to make someone else rich. I want the money that I am working for to go to me and/or a cause I believe in.
I do this kind of work as a type of activism because I believe there is not enough representation of queer porn actors who promote and show how to practice safer sex. I do this kind of work as a type of activism because I think there are not enough boys represented in burlesque with ideas that are there to inspire not just titillate. Is activism free? How do activists survive? Do they have full time jobs some where else and then when they are all tired from working all week they work even more? Working more on their passions and beliefs and goals to better themselves and their community at night or on the weekend? Don't most activists and small business owners get burnt out and bitter and settle down after 50? I believe there is another way. I have a dream that equal rights and fair pay means DOING IT: Treat yourself like an equal valid worker and individual, treat yourself like you want to be treated. "Don't just dream it BE it."
There is a lot of burlesque in the bay area. Some might say too much. I here there are people fighting to get burlesque out of their rock shows. I do not want burlesque to become the fast food of entertainment. I don't want it cheapened. It is valid work. Why do you think it is "everywhere"? May be because the performers are spread thin? May be because they are needing to perform so many places because they haven't made any money and they are searching for validation? I don't know why other performers do what they do, all I know is that I feel upset and afraid for the life of queer porn and burlesque in the bay area. If "anyone" can get up on stage or behind a camera and get the same pay that someone working years in the industry how is this line of activism and work sustainable?

Please let me know if you are willing to stand in solidarity with me and document your time and give yourself a raise. Next time a club owner, directer, production manager, or anyone asks you to perform for their show, benefit, bachelor party, or any party please have your resume and price tag available. Tell them your skill, experience, and minimum amount of money you are willing to work for. The less we charge at the door the cheaper we are. I think if people want a free show they can put it on in their living room, or in the park, or something like that.
I am calling all artists, queer porn stars, directors, production engineers, stage managers, diva, drag queens and kings, belly dancers, MCs and DJs, and every one in between. Please, if you've been here a while and have experience and skill in your craft GET A RAISE!!!! Step it up a notch in your show and demand the pay to get you there!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Original Plumbing # 7, the Green Issue!

I have all "original plumbing" so that makes me the greenest of "green"! Not only am I a real-live faun of the forest but I AM original from top to bottom! Allow me to explain: I have had no top surgery and I have all original bottom bits, no hysterectomy or phaloplasty dickoplasticy whatchamacallity. Don't get me wrong, I don't have a problem with other people getting surgery, I just don't want it for myself. Even though I love needles and knives... hot... I don't want surgery because I want to be who I am no matter what people think gender needs to look like. I take testosterone because I love how it makes me feel, not because it gives me hair and muscles. Although the feeling I get from my development of physical stamina and muscle mass is oh so yummy. I believe I need to be in love with myself so that I can truly be in love with others. I don't take the typical amount of testosterone that doctors recommend because I have enough of my own and I don't want be on massive amounts of roids. I don't like the amount of waste that goes into surgery and shooting T, all the plastic and bio-hazards and shit is not biodegradable. I don't believe any medical or surgical or pharmaceutical things are actually sustainable. I know that many people might argue with me about this, this is just my opinion. I look at it this way: If I was a Lost Boy out in the wild raised by wolves would I have plastic and needles and prescriptions to get all my testosterone all up in me? No, I would just be a boy, no matter what outsiders thought I was. That's how I live my life; I AM a Lost Boy who has happened to have found himself.

All that to say that's why I'm perfect for Original Plumbing the Green Issue, the all trans guy soft-core porno mag. (It kind of like Butt Mag.) I posed for the #7 the "Green" Issue and it's available to order now!

P.S. The photo of me was taken by Anna Devia. I was taken in my first photoshoot ever! I don't have any pictures of me from OP yet. You will just have to order a copy to see!!!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Fluid 3!!! OMG LOST FOOTAGE!!!

I was lucky to perform in the latest Fluid!!!

Fluid is the porno "...Redefining Sexuality" series directed by Madison Young. Fluid: Women Redefining Sexuality, Fluid 2: Men Redefining Sexuality, and then Fluid 3:...Redefining Sexuality! I don't know what sexuality I will be redefining. Personally I don't like definitions. I mean I know they are useful so we can understand each other but some times I feel boxed in by words... I will go into this later, let's just talk about my working it.
We worked all day! I love working with Juliette and James, I have done them separately before, and now we're all together like a hot sandwich! I picked up James in my van and then we picked up and sucked down some coffee , trying not to spill on his white jeans but failing because I don't have any cup holders in my van. On the way we saw some pissed guy chasing a dude with a shovel, I felt bad that I thought it was funny. No one was hurt physically but dude's pride was probly servilely damaged. So needless to say the trip there was entertaining.
James and I met Juliette on the street and we flowed into Madison's house giggling and smooching because it's San Francisco and everyone in the bay area queer community porn scene seems to already have fucked, been in porn together, or knows someone who dose, it's kind of a rule I guess. It's like the game Six Degrees of Separation. We're just sexually radical like that.
Pregnant Madison answered the door smiling that shinning school-girl smile of hers and directed us up stairs. We start out with the usually paperwork but some documentary people from HBO were filming Madison for a project, so I guess I might be on HBO too because they filmed along side Madison all day. I am a strong believer in any publicity is good publicity (Yes, I have changed my mind about Lady Gaga's Born This Way song. I will go into that later too.) and if you like my naked ass all over the internet what's the difference of it being all over TV too.
I got to fuck on a cliff over-looking the ocean, HA HA!!! Damn that was fun. I'm a faun and it just feels better to be in nature, I feel more myself. Juliette and her punky ways knew this place like the back of her hand, I was impressed. (I hope I made an impression on her too.) She lead us through a tiny, probably illegal, trail in the Sutro Baths Park area in San Francisco.
We shot the next scene in my van on the street across from Dolores Park! People walking by, some suspecting and some oblivious to the hot and wild sex in the van that WAS A' ROCK'N. I devirginized my Vicskin Outlaw on Juliette and used my mastered hand on James's cock. Damn that was a work out! They should make that an exercise at a gym: Thrusting hard with the all those fucking abdominal muscles while thrusting hard with my rippling arm muscles! I am a beef-cup-cake, not to be confused with a beef-cake, so I know a work out when I feel one!
We walked across the street all dazed and high on sex to the Dolores Park girls bathroom. Me and James are innocent looking but we are still bad boys. Just seeing a nasty toilet that thousands of ladies have pissed on gives us boners. Tasting our sweat while smelling the piss and dirt we jacked off and came together. I love being a dog! While we were coming there were these drunk girls that needed to get in to pee and it was fucking funny how pissed they were. I think they saw us from the crack in the window and got confused.
After I took everyone home in my minibus I went home and slept like a rock because I worked more than eight hours fucking in the sun and in tight quarters while loosing Fluid times 3! I hope people realize that although it is fun work it is still hard and risky work to be in porn. I do not get paid like main-stream porn actors do yet I have come up with amazing ideas and pulled 9 hour days for the sake of activism and people like you. But don't get me wrong, I love working for you.

P.S. I've decided from now on I am going to write blogs all the way through because I have so many unfinished blog entries that I don't feel like finishing. So that should make the day of the person who is becoming more and more annoyed by my lack of writing skills and bad cliff-hangers. May be I would care more if I knew more than two and a half people were actually reading this. Whatever, I guess it's worth it to keep you as a fan, even if you are the only one.
P.S.S. I love you, my one little fan you.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sneak a Peek while "I Masturbate." With Shilo MacCabe

Just last Sunday I had a long awaited photo shoot... I feel so relieved! I did it for the The Sex Positive Photo Project themed "I Masturbate". I bet none of you know that I masturbate, it's a total secret. ; ) Well now the cat's out of the bag... and made a mess on the floor. Honestly, I jack off at least once a day but on the occasion when I am feeling all bored and priest-like (without the creepy NAMBLA part) I wait for as long as I can, usually only a few weeks, without any touchy. This leaves my dick super sensitive so that the slightest whisper of the breeze, the ruff caress of my jeans, or a simple wink can get me off. That's what I did with this photo shoot... not the coming in my pants part... well, may be. I waited for a very long time to have a photo shoot so I could churn out more than 800 photos. That's right, you read right we took more than eight hundred photos! I also really like leaving you hanging and wondering what I'm doing, I'm a terrible tease I guess.
This photo shoot was done in collaboration with Shilo Mccabe and her photo project: "I Masturbate" For me photo shoots are already very close to masturbating while someone is watching so this was such a perfect combo. When I am getting my picture taken I am focusing on how I look, how I can have the most fun, the pleasure is all mine and it totally feeds my desire for attention and performance. It is totally healthy to love yourself! Photo shoots feed me like donuts and cupcakes and icing and pie and... and now I have a boner...
Anyway, this photo project was so perfect for me and I had such a blast. We started out in my bathroom to clean up before I got all dirty with some classic porn on my computer. We took off from there to playing dress up and dress down with some fancy dandy ass and some working class... I really put the work in class.
My next photo shoot with Shilo is all planned out but it's a surprise, as always... but if you write me I will give you a clue!

Here's more on what Shilo's photo project (and collaboration) is about:
"Masturbation is natural. It can be a vehicle to explore our spiritual selves, and a soothing balm for many ills. Masturbation is part of a healthy lifestyle and great therapy! It is an intimate and powerful way to show yourself unconditional love. Loving yourself is a way to reinforce the idea that you are worthy of love and is a way to remind you that you are capable of loving others.
As a part of The Sex Positive Photo Project I want to celebrate National Masturbation Month with a daily photo gallery of people masturbating, along with some text from them that completes the statement “I masturbate…”.The idea is to create a sex-positive celebration of masturbation for the entire month of May."

Please check out the The Sex Positive Photo Project blog (where the daily May photos will be posted) And Shilo's portfolio

Thursday, March 10, 2011

"Is This Real Life?"

I touched on the topic of separating reality from fantasy a little in my post about my shoot with Siouxie Sue and I think I would like to touch on it some more... touch it all over everywhere in all those extra sensitive areas and get deep inside myself... to understand my "reality" I might have to give you a tiny history lesson with some religion sprinkled on top. Don't worry this won't hurt like history in high school, it will hurt like your grandpa telling you about some history.

I was born into a Christian home. Christians believe all sex is bad. (I will touch on this topic latter, it's going to be so sacralicious!) I was so very repressed in so many ways. I had to educate myself on every topic of real life because there are no life lessons that make any sense in the Bible unless you want to hate yourself. Believe me, I hated myself for so long because I believed the Bible. Now that I don't believe in the Bible I love myself, Go figure! So since I had to deny myself for so long I need to be as fully myself as I possibly can for the rest of my life, to make up for lost time. And what IS fully myself? I am a living being made up of energy and matter and cells and water that has feelings and desires. Who am I without my feelings? What is knowledge without feelings? We would be robots without feelings. That's what Christians are trying to do, deny their "flesh". I don't deny my "flesh" anymore because I believe my flesh is my soul and my soul is my spirit and my spirit is my mind, it is all connected. So if I deny myself who am I but just a shell to be controlled by someone. I want to feel free. I also want to feel what it feels like to get tied up and my ass kicked by a bunch of ladies in high heals and then fuck them while I act like a puppy. Is this wrong, am I fucked up? No, it's just a fantasy.

Everyone has fantasies right? If we made those fantasies real would they be respectful to other people's boundaries? Would we be the same person? Would we be completely happy or completely dead? If I make my desire to have pain, abuse, submission, and attention a reality with out a conscious plan I think I would be a wreck. I think not being aware of these desires or fantasies I would act them out subconsciously and I would be unhealthy in so many ways. For instance, If I didn't "play" at being a sex slave in a dungeon getting the shit whipped out of me while I pleasured a dominant lady for hours what would I do with this desire? Would I suppress the desire and hate myself for all the shame about this desire and get involved in an abusive intimate relationship with a person who does not respect me and perpetuates the feelings of hate? I think if I don't act out my dreams and desires I will venture towards them subconsciously.
I think I can safely say people generally want to get what they want and I think everybody deserves what they want. But what if they want something that involves non-consent like rape, murder, bestiality, or sex with minors? I think if people do not talk about desires that involve non-consent they will eventually act them out in dangerous ways. But I think everyone deserves to "act" them out in concentual ways. If we seek help with these issues/fantasies/desires we can fully get our needs met and there will be no self hatred and no shame. Seeking help could mean going to a therapist and talking it out or this could mean going to a place like Fantasy Makers (This place is the bay area's Pandora's Box.) or a professional dominatrix and "acting" it out. If we can expel these feelings and ideas that are inside us we can truly be free. Think about how we were as kids, we were constantly pretending and acting out things. What is "pretend" but an other word for fantasy. Then we are all of a sudden supposed to grow up and stop pretending and live in the "real world". What is the real world but a bunch of adults acting out non-consent in power dynamics and how they think they are supposed to be. Who told us how we are supposed to be? God?
I have the desire for attention and that's one of the reasons I do porn, burlesque, and other performance. If I didn't I would probably be an annoying attention whore and show off, constantly reaching for people's approval and not knowing why... I know because I was the "class clown" and I was miserable until I started to perform. If I don't act out my desires and feelings who am I? Am I just a shell of a person who is trying to be "normal". What is normal anyway?! I don't like that word. I think humans, and other animals, are so afraid of the unknown that we created a word that means standard or the common type; usual; regular; natural; average; sane which in itself is impossible to actually "natural". Last time I checked every single thing that nature makes is totally different!!!

My "real life" is me being playful sometimes so that I don't have to try to be "normal" and I can be ME all the time. If my fantasy life and real life get confused and blurred I would not be healthy and sane because I would loose myself. If I give myself up to the fantasy, like christian people, I would be a robot. I am not a robot.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

AlphaFemmes at CineKink 2011 NYC!

AlphaFemmes is going to be featured at Cinekink, during the "AfterGlow" party!

Click here to see the line up sneak peek.

Click here , or on the photo, and you can watch the trailer and get perfectly teased and titillated tell you are begging for more.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Queer Porn TV Interview

At the beginning of the interview you might notice I seem a little... we'll just say flighty with a dash of rudeness. Let me explain: I had just ate a big helping of vigorous and intense sex with some bdsm on top after working a normal work day at my day job. I have energy like a goat on caffeine, but seriously there was no resting. I don't top much so it was a supper fun yet very challenging for me mentally and physically. Let's see you try to answer big mind bending questions about the world after fucking for 5 hours! Oh, that might sound rude again, I just got a teency weency bit defensive because I watched myself be all goofy on the World Wide Web.

I want to make myself very clear right now: I want to represent trannies, gender varient, polyamourous, and pansexual people yet I do not claim to speak for all my fellow queers, I just speak for Puck. (Yes, I sorta' just wrote in third-person, damn it.) My opinions and beliefs are my own, so please do not think this is how every person that you think is like me thinks or acts. Like I say in the interview "I don't like to be judged", so please don't judge someone else based on Puck Goodfellow. I'm a tranny queer but I am not EVERY tranny queer.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Crashing into Siouxsie Q

My life is so charmed! It is such a pleasure in so many ways to have sex with lovers for money! It IS still work though, and it is hard to navigate the rough path through emotions and work.

When I was contacted by CrashPad I was so excited. They set me up with Siouxsie but they gave me her other name which I didn't recognize her by. So I wrote back asking who she was and requested photos. I was pleasantly surprised that I not only knew her BUT I DATE HER!

I do admit I hesitated because one of my personal rules for myself is to not date co-workers. In my day-job-life this is very helpful and important because it keeps the drama out of my 40 hour a week life. I only have my drama vicariously by movie screen while eating popcorn and cuddling a lover.
Just a little piece of information about my personal non-porn-star life: If MTV were to make a reality TV show about me it would be a whole lot of me doing functional things like working and taking super awesome circus classes, talking to my friends, lovers, and therapist directly about my emotions and needs, and doing so much fun and therapeutic art work. There would be no binge drinking at a crowded bar and surly no making out with my best friend's wife on ecstasy after fucking my ex in the bathroom.
Anyway... Does anyone want to read about my boring personal life? NO. We're here for dirty behind the scenes details!
I hesitated because I date Siouxsie. She is a sexy bombshell pin-up sweetheart how could I not date her? In order to keep drama at bay, so it is not spilling all over the place, I must keep my personal life from bleeding into my professional life. This is the reason I have a "stage name" and a "legal name", not because I care about keeping my identity "clean". For me if I don't separate my character from who I am personally I could slip into delusion and loose track of who I am. I can use "who I am" to develop my character and become a magnified version of myself, but if this magnified version becomes who I am then I will constantly be performing, constantly looking for people to watch me and see me. Nothing will be for me anymore it will all be for others to see. Just look at what happened to Britney Spears and Micheal Jackson. I'm not at all comparing myself to them because they are mainstream superstars.
All that (above) to say I believe work can be play but play should never feel like work. That's just how I see my life.
I think through this performance I learned how to balance and have fun with dating someone I work with. It's hard yet rewarding.

Last year (2009, check out my older post "I have crashed into the pad") I did a solo scene that involved me and a hand pump pumping off for your entertainment. I walked into the CrashPad expecting my Dom to be there and was pleasantly surprised with a gift from her for X-mas! The gift was her dirty panties and a high quality hand pump to get harder with.

This year I received a live one to bring in the New Year! Siouxie Q is a perfect gift. I loved bossing her into beating me up. I am such a pain top! I wish all the spanking wasn't edited out... we'll just have to make an other one to show how I can teach a bottomy little girl how to beat me up. Fucking her gorgeous tits after laying her out and opening her up like Christmas is such a great way to cum... you'll just have to watch!