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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I Have Crashed in the Pad

I arrive at the Crash Pad in S.F. excited and ready to go as always. I was not nervous, but I know I usually make goofy faces when I model, so I felt a but self conscious. That's just a part of my charm I guess, when I fuck (and fuck myself) I am real, I don't try to make sexy faces, I make real I'm-fucking-and-I-love- it- faces.
Anyway, I had a date with two ladies who gave me a key to the Crash Pad where we were going to play. A Domme named Miss Violette Thorngate , who knows how to kick ass with such style and grace while giving no mercy, and a hot little number I sometimes call my girlfriend, who is just perfect, were going to team up on me. I live such a full and fancy fluctuating polyamorous life! Although, when I open the door no one is there, but what a hot rain-check that will be! I was not discapointed because a gift is waiting for me on the bed! Dang, I bet they're lauphing their hot femmey asses off right now about such a good set up! I do have to say how lucky I was to receive this gift. I make the best out of every situation I'm in, that's another one of my charms! You can view and purchase the gift I received here. The other half of the gift ... well, you'll just have to watch the video.

If you want to jack off as smooth as I do you should check out Stroke 29. It is the best master-cream I have ever used because it's not slick, sticky, or cold like water-based lube can be, it is a soft cream that gets smoother and more slippery with the heat you create while stroking it.
Sign up for Crash Pad and watch me jerk it and pump it!

Interview for HotMoviesForHer

"One of the my favorite things about the queer porn explosion is that there are more and more opportunities for stars like today’s featured performer Puck Goodfellow. When I first saw him in action in Speakeasy, I was immediately drawn to his energy, and I suppose that tight little body didn’t hurt either!

Of course, it turns out there’s a lot more to Mr. Goodfellow than meets the eye, so we asked him to take the time to fill out our 20 question interview. You don’t want to miss the results!

1. How (and when) did you get started in the industry?
I got involved just this year, July I think, with Courtney Trouble ..." Click the link above to go to the rest of the interview!

Friday, December 18, 2009

I Am a Butch Boi Now

I was hanging my paintings at Black and Blue Tattoo in San Francisco for an art opening and I got a call from Leo about doing a last-minute photo shoot that day. Leo co-owns, a site designed for butches of all kinds to view and buy porn, sex toys, and other butch dyke or trans-guy aparel. I was scheduled to do a scene with them with James Darling that evening so I said "what the hell, I like to live spare-of-the-moment. " So Jules, their photographer, came by the shop and we only had a few minutes to find a place somewhere in the city for me to strip down in front of Jule's lens. Leo suggested a chain-link fence back-drop to Jules but my 1983 VW Vanagon was right outside just waiting to be taken advantage of. I had a fun time inside Peg, my van's name (short for Pegasis.) because I felt warm an comfy, even though I had to keep an eye out of the corner of my eye while I posed and modeled my britches off. When I pulled my dick out for some hot jerking scenes I had to think fast because who knows what inocent person outside could feel violated by just a quick glance at my huge piece while someone dances around it with a camera inside a "creepy van". Vans get bad raps for being "creepy" already, I hope I didn't conferm any of those misconceptsions... may be the rumers are true, I guess I am a perve.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Seven Minutes In Heaven was my Coming Out

It was an amazingly luxurious house in Upper Haight. I didn't know what to expect- I figured I'd be playing with and fucking beautiful ladies all day, but that seemed too good to be true. How surreal! I was more excited than nervous, but I was going to be surrounded by girls and that really makes a boy like me want to explode. Judy Minx was there as well, but just for moral support because the U.S. wouldn't let her perform here for some stupid reason that I don't understand. Sex laws are confusing to me. North America likes to think it is progressive and liberal and free, but when it comes down to it, our country a big prude. I met Judy a year ago because she was traveling here with Wendy Delorme to promote Wendy's book, Quatrième Generation. My gorgeous and classy Domme, Miss Violette Thorngate is good friends with both Judy and Wendy, and she arranged an introduction.

The day started with a photo shoot and went straight to a game of spin the bottle. When I've played spin the bottle in the past it was such a tease, but this time I got to get right to what my dirty little heart desired. What a great way to start out a "slumber party"; with absolutely no slumbering! I wanted to use all of the food from the kitchen to have a food fight and break the pillow with a nasty pillow fight, but the house was so nice that I would have felt bad if it got out of control. It would have, knowing these girls. I'll just save that fantasy for next time. All of the ladies were so sweet and hot I couldn't think, and half of them were virgins to porn!

Carson is a pro and I have such a crush on her. She taught me how to suck cock by bossing me around her body, telling me just what to do and what she wanted. Holy shit, Carson is a powerful babe! More juice on the behind the scenes action to come. I love to delay pleasure...

By the way you can totally buy the cocks I used to fuck in this flick! I gang-banged away with the Mr. Bendy on Sofia and I used the Bandit to fuck Jolene Parton and strapped them both on with the Aslan Driver Harness. BUY THIS MOVIE!

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Friday, December 11, 2009

No Fauxxx For You.

So I say to Courtney Trouble, creator of and sexy director extrordinaire of Reel Queer productions, "I would love to be in porn." and she totally put the money where my mouth is. She offered me a modeling spot on No Fauxx, and I felt tingly all over!

I arrived at Courtney's house on a sunny summerish day in San Francisco. I knew what I wanted to do in this photo set- I had it all planned out in my mind. Imagine a teenage boy in roller skates, discovering his first porno magazine in a pink bathroom in the early 80's. Just let your mind take off and if you check out and get a membership, (it's only $9.99 for a whole year and worth it), you can see me take it all off! It was such a fun experience. I am goofy and sexy and totally myself and cum all over a tiny pink bathroom and vintage Playboy mags!

My First Photoshoot

I have always been a show off in my own way. I love to please and I take direction well. What a good bottom I am! I have always suspected I would make a good model, but I'm short and trans and that is not exactly model material for the "real world". Now I'm doing it in my own perverted way.

I discovered that even though it might seem easy to have someone take pictures of you, it is not. I have to know what my face is doing at all times and I have to have total control of my body. I have to be totally present and see myself in my mind's eye. It is kind of like an out of body experience when I model, since I am relaxed and yet looking at myself from the outside.

I got my start by working at A co-worker and friend of mine, Ana Devia needed some hot photos to broaden her portfolio. She's professional but new to the business. I had been waiting for another co-worker, Jackie Strano (star of Hard Love and co-owner of S.I.R. Productions), to give me the heads-up on a new production she needed some performers for and I was really hankering for my porn-life to begin.
Since I am a playful and dapper faun-goat-boy-creature I had to wear my fur and horns for my first shoot. I also wanted to roll around in the grass so we went to Golden Gate Park in San Francisco.
I started out wearing my shirt because I was still a little self conscious of my puffy nipples. I'm a trans guy and I can't speak for all of my kind but I don't care anymore about how "big" my chest is, every body has them and I think we as humans need to just get over how big or small everyone is. Anyway, I ended up taking off my shirt and that is when I loosened up and I felt more myself. I thought of sex and rainbows and dancing and fucking and flowers and unicorns and pixies and trees and sex and fur and beautiful smells and... did I mention sex?

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


This is me at 22 years old. On my back and waiting for the show.