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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sneak a Peek while "I Masturbate." With Shilo MacCabe

Just last Sunday I had a long awaited photo shoot... I feel so relieved! I did it for the The Sex Positive Photo Project themed "I Masturbate". I bet none of you know that I masturbate, it's a total secret. ; ) Well now the cat's out of the bag... and made a mess on the floor. Honestly, I jack off at least once a day but on the occasion when I am feeling all bored and priest-like (without the creepy NAMBLA part) I wait for as long as I can, usually only a few weeks, without any touchy. This leaves my dick super sensitive so that the slightest whisper of the breeze, the ruff caress of my jeans, or a simple wink can get me off. That's what I did with this photo shoot... not the coming in my pants part... well, may be. I waited for a very long time to have a photo shoot so I could churn out more than 800 photos. That's right, you read right we took more than eight hundred photos! I also really like leaving you hanging and wondering what I'm doing, I'm a terrible tease I guess.
This photo shoot was done in collaboration with Shilo Mccabe and her photo project: "I Masturbate" For me photo shoots are already very close to masturbating while someone is watching so this was such a perfect combo. When I am getting my picture taken I am focusing on how I look, how I can have the most fun, the pleasure is all mine and it totally feeds my desire for attention and performance. It is totally healthy to love yourself! Photo shoots feed me like donuts and cupcakes and icing and pie and... and now I have a boner...
Anyway, this photo project was so perfect for me and I had such a blast. We started out in my bathroom to clean up before I got all dirty with some classic porn on my computer. We took off from there to playing dress up and dress down with some fancy dandy ass and some working class... I really put the work in class.
My next photo shoot with Shilo is all planned out but it's a surprise, as always... but if you write me I will give you a clue!

Here's more on what Shilo's photo project (and collaboration) is about:
"Masturbation is natural. It can be a vehicle to explore our spiritual selves, and a soothing balm for many ills. Masturbation is part of a healthy lifestyle and great therapy! It is an intimate and powerful way to show yourself unconditional love. Loving yourself is a way to reinforce the idea that you are worthy of love and is a way to remind you that you are capable of loving others.
As a part of The Sex Positive Photo Project I want to celebrate National Masturbation Month with a daily photo gallery of people masturbating, along with some text from them that completes the statement “I masturbate…”.The idea is to create a sex-positive celebration of masturbation for the entire month of May."

Please check out the The Sex Positive Photo Project blog (where the daily May photos will be posted) And Shilo's portfolio