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Monday, January 4, 2010

I Will Fuck You Tender... Hearted

Reality T.V. + Porno = "Gonzo"!!!
I am really good at improv and I enjoy feeling free to go with what I want to do, so I am super happy to be a part of the SECOND queer gonzo porn ever made!
I arrive at a hip little apartment in S.F. and settle right into a comfy leather couch. Everyone was there already and watching the first Seven Minutes In Heaven, Coming Out. I had not seen it yet so it was fun to look back and tell every one what else happened that got cut out, and laugh about my silly faces. I am such a goof, at least I know how to work it. I have been good friends with Red for a while and I have always wanted to play with her and never could find a way to ask, like "Harry Met Sally", so I was stoked to be called back into action. In this film there's a hand-held mini camera instead of the "confessional" so that leads to a lot of "first-hand" shots.

If you want to fuck like Puck: I used the Randy on Red with the Commando Harness. I used the Bandit on Akira with the Jag Harness. Under all this was my latex tighty whiteys from JT Stockroom.

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