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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I Have Crashed in the Pad

I arrive at the Crash Pad in S.F. excited and ready to go as always. I was not nervous, but I know I usually make goofy faces when I model, so I felt a but self conscious. That's just a part of my charm I guess, when I fuck (and fuck myself) I am real, I don't try to make sexy faces, I make real I'm-fucking-and-I-love- it- faces.
Anyway, I had a date with two ladies who gave me a key to the Crash Pad where we were going to play. A Domme named Miss Violette Thorngate , who knows how to kick ass with such style and grace while giving no mercy, and a hot little number I sometimes call my girlfriend, who is just perfect, were going to team up on me. I live such a full and fancy fluctuating polyamorous life! Although, when I open the door no one is there, but what a hot rain-check that will be! I was not discapointed because a gift is waiting for me on the bed! Dang, I bet they're lauphing their hot femmey asses off right now about such a good set up! I do have to say how lucky I was to receive this gift. I make the best out of every situation I'm in, that's another one of my charms! You can view and purchase the gift I received here. The other half of the gift ... well, you'll just have to watch the video.

If you want to jack off as smooth as I do you should check out Stroke 29. It is the best master-cream I have ever used because it's not slick, sticky, or cold like water-based lube can be, it is a soft cream that gets smoother and more slippery with the heat you create while stroking it.
Sign up for Crash Pad and watch me jerk it and pump it!

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