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Monday, July 12, 2010

Clone'd My Willy

There are a lot of toys for girls and boys but sadly not too many spacificly for tranny girls and boys. I have decided to jump on the opportunity to design and test toys that would be perfect for tranny girls and boys.

One of these toys is the Clone -a-Willy Kit. At first I thought, "damn, they should make a Clone-a-Tranny-Willy kit for boys like me..." then I realized I am good at experimenting and cusomizing things to my needs.
So I picked up a kit at , I am excited to do the dirty work and tell you all how to do it for all the tranny guys out there!

The kit comes with a tube for the mold, molding agent, and liquid silicone, and all the other little goodies to put it all together. For biological guys with bigger dicks the tube to put the molding goop in is a great fit, but for small dicks you need to cut it down to your size. You can also use a small bowl. I found it's best to have an assistant to help in the process, it's a good excuse to get some cock attention. Luckily I have a super sexy Dom to help me out, she knows just how to get me hard and is very crafty. She watched the temperature so I could concentrate place the mold correctly on my bits when it was ready. You have to make sure the temperature of the water is accurate so the mold powder bonds correctly, but don't worry about stirring it perfectly, lumps are okay.
I thrust my cock in the warm squishy white stuff a little too abrupt so the mold was a bit off, but it felt good. The kit comes with a medium size vibrator which is too big to fit most small dicks so I picked up a small Babeland Buzz vibe, it fits perfectly. Also since the mold is smaller than most guys I had a lot of molding agent and silicon left over! I would suggest having other sexy things to make molds of like a cucumber, carrot, or fingers and fists! You can also use the vibe that the kit comes with to put in the other mold you make. Make sure you let the silicone dry for 24 hours! If you don't the silicone will slouch and not hold its mold. Also when stirring the silicon don't stir bubbles into it because it will show up when it drys and it looks funny. Just "fold" the silicon mix together, don't beat the silicone.

If you have any questions write them to my e-mail
All of these one of a kind peices of my flesh are for sale!!!
So e-mail me so you can fuck a peice of puck!!!

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  1. Puck. that is so pucking awesome! I want one!