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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Original Plumbing # 7, the Green Issue!

I have all "original plumbing" so that makes me the greenest of "green"! Not only am I a real-live faun of the forest but I AM original from top to bottom! Allow me to explain: I have had no top surgery and I have all original bottom bits, no hysterectomy or phaloplasty dickoplasticy whatchamacallity. Don't get me wrong, I don't have a problem with other people getting surgery, I just don't want it for myself. Even though I love needles and knives... hot... I don't want surgery because I want to be who I am no matter what people think gender needs to look like. I take testosterone because I love how it makes me feel, not because it gives me hair and muscles. Although the feeling I get from my development of physical stamina and muscle mass is oh so yummy. I believe I need to be in love with myself so that I can truly be in love with others. I don't take the typical amount of testosterone that doctors recommend because I have enough of my own and I don't want be on massive amounts of roids. I don't like the amount of waste that goes into surgery and shooting T, all the plastic and bio-hazards and shit is not biodegradable. I don't believe any medical or surgical or pharmaceutical things are actually sustainable. I know that many people might argue with me about this, this is just my opinion. I look at it this way: If I was a Lost Boy out in the wild raised by wolves would I have plastic and needles and prescriptions to get all my testosterone all up in me? No, I would just be a boy, no matter what outsiders thought I was. That's how I live my life; I AM a Lost Boy who has happened to have found himself.

All that to say that's why I'm perfect for Original Plumbing the Green Issue, the all trans guy soft-core porno mag. (It kind of like Butt Mag.) I posed for the #7 the "Green" Issue and it's available to order now!

P.S. The photo of me was taken by Anna Devia. I was taken in my first photoshoot ever! I don't have any pictures of me from OP yet. You will just have to order a copy to see!!!

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