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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Private Pack and Play

Good Vibrations has a new packer that is silicon!!! Buy one here!!! It is a hard packer that is not an upper it's a downer. By downer I mean that's AWESOME!  = When you are packing it aims down instead of up so it doesn't look like you have a raging boner... having a bone while riding the bus or bike is a bit embarrassing, unless your into PDHo = Public Display of Hardon  ... that can be pretty awkward in so many ways... like walking with a third leg that wants to walk by itself... I'm going to stop using similes now.
 I had the extreme pleasure of sneaking this little fucker it in my pants while playing with Jacques LeFemme  !!!!!!!!!!  P.S. I am so gay for Jacques!
Let me extrapolate:   Grabbing Jacques's grape cotton candy hair I pulled his head back to bite his neck.   I pressed my Private onto his crotch and he breathed out his floral breath.  His eyes brightened as he exhaled and he shot me a big mischievous smile as he reached down grazing my tight abs as he grasped my hard Private pack.  (Honestly every time he smiles I think it's perfectly mischievous.)   I pulled him up to my bed and we ripped off our clothes and left my Private piece in my jock strap.  We had just got to my house from dancing our asses off so I was SO ready to taste his salty hot body.  I lifted the shaft of my Private up and bent the balls back so Jacques could slobber all over my Private piece.  He really knows how to handle multiple cocks so very exquisitely, he is truly an athlete ... You'll have to see us in future porn to know what I am talking about.  (Seriously,  who knew I would love cock so much?... just when I thought I knew myself I go and get all gay...  I love fluidity!)

...Back to the review...
The Private packer is harder than most packers and great for grinding ... I am one of those crazy pervs who still loves dry humping... although in my briefs it's never actually dry.   I think this Private pack and play is a one of a kind,  I don't know any other packer that has this much versatility.  The balls are actually 3D!  No, you don't have to where special 3D glasses!  No more flat cut off balls!     It was hard enough to stay up unlike other packers, although I did have to hold it in possession the whole time.  One must remain conscious even when all the blood seems to leave the brain and move south to dick land.
The only thing I wouldn't do with this Private is wear it in skinny jeans ... looks like major bonerville.  This CAN be handy if down bonerville is what you are going for.  This Private packer is perfect for private play - I just personally wouldn't wear it in every day packing life because the hardness of the balls make it rub on my real cock when I walk.   It's annoying to me to be rubbed off and sensitive all day ... well, actually ... I like the rubbed off part.  It's just hard to ride public transit or my bike while having any kind of boner, be it real or silicon.  I definitely will wear it when I am gogo dancing or if I am planing on fucking.  You will see me sporting the Private definitely in the next porn I'm in. 

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