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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Devergining of the Last Unicorn

As you may well know I am a real live mythical creature therefore I am pretty magic and my magical powers excel in the most kinky ways my dears.   I don't know about you but unicorns are pretty kinky.  I can turn into one whenever I feel like it.  (Meaning I made myself a costume out of super soft fir and an acrylic dildo named "the Last Unicorn" attached to my super soft head harness and mane.)  Fact:  Unicorns are the most pure creatures ever to exist ever EVER, even if they are performing in porn.   Although I am a xxx performer and my naked ass is all over the place, my unicorn-self has been a virgin for many years.  I decided to use my white and horny alter ego for the greater good and I have finally broken in my magical horn.  This horn was created for for pure pleasure and it has finally fulfilled the destiny!   What could be more pure than a unicorn gang-bang in a Disneeeee Princesses bouncey house for James Darling's birfday to deverginize this magical beast.  

P.S.  If you would like me to create a costume for your fancifull needs please contact me!

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