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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Seven Minutes In Heaven was my Coming Out

It was an amazingly luxurious house in Upper Haight. I didn't know what to expect- I figured I'd be playing with and fucking beautiful ladies all day, but that seemed too good to be true. How surreal! I was more excited than nervous, but I was going to be surrounded by girls and that really makes a boy like me want to explode. Judy Minx was there as well, but just for moral support because the U.S. wouldn't let her perform here for some stupid reason that I don't understand. Sex laws are confusing to me. North America likes to think it is progressive and liberal and free, but when it comes down to it, our country a big prude. I met Judy a year ago because she was traveling here with Wendy Delorme to promote Wendy's book, Quatrième Generation. My gorgeous and classy Domme, Miss Violette Thorngate is good friends with both Judy and Wendy, and she arranged an introduction.

The day started with a photo shoot and went straight to a game of spin the bottle. When I've played spin the bottle in the past it was such a tease, but this time I got to get right to what my dirty little heart desired. What a great way to start out a "slumber party"; with absolutely no slumbering! I wanted to use all of the food from the kitchen to have a food fight and break the pillow with a nasty pillow fight, but the house was so nice that I would have felt bad if it got out of control. It would have, knowing these girls. I'll just save that fantasy for next time. All of the ladies were so sweet and hot I couldn't think, and half of them were virgins to porn!

Carson is a pro and I have such a crush on her. She taught me how to suck cock by bossing me around her body, telling me just what to do and what she wanted. Holy shit, Carson is a powerful babe! More juice on the behind the scenes action to come. I love to delay pleasure...

By the way you can totally buy the cocks I used to fuck in this flick! I gang-banged away with the Mr. Bendy on Sofia and I used the Bandit to fuck Jolene Parton and strapped them both on with the Aslan Driver Harness. BUY THIS MOVIE!

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