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Friday, December 18, 2009

I Am a Butch Boi Now

I was hanging my paintings at Black and Blue Tattoo in San Francisco for an art opening and I got a call from Leo about doing a last-minute photo shoot that day. Leo co-owns, a site designed for butches of all kinds to view and buy porn, sex toys, and other butch dyke or trans-guy aparel. I was scheduled to do a scene with them with James Darling that evening so I said "what the hell, I like to live spare-of-the-moment. " So Jules, their photographer, came by the shop and we only had a few minutes to find a place somewhere in the city for me to strip down in front of Jule's lens. Leo suggested a chain-link fence back-drop to Jules but my 1983 VW Vanagon was right outside just waiting to be taken advantage of. I had a fun time inside Peg, my van's name (short for Pegasis.) because I felt warm an comfy, even though I had to keep an eye out of the corner of my eye while I posed and modeled my britches off. When I pulled my dick out for some hot jerking scenes I had to think fast because who knows what inocent person outside could feel violated by just a quick glance at my huge piece while someone dances around it with a camera inside a "creepy van". Vans get bad raps for being "creepy" already, I hope I didn't conferm any of those misconceptsions... may be the rumers are true, I guess I am a perve.

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